Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slightly overdue

Wore this outfit to registration at my high school. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY a junior! Two more years 'til I'm outta this place. I love the awkwardness of the photos. I know you do too. Don't even try to deny it.

Button down shirt - Thrifted, $1
Camisole - Stole from sister
Belt - Thrifted, $0.50
Denim cut offs - Vintage, stole from sister... again
Shoes - Random mall store, $15
Bag - Boutique in Vietnam, $13

Photos by Trung Phan


This is NOT sour-sational

We got to see each other today, for once in a billion years, and we decided to have a little thrifting/malling adventure. So add two girls with absolutely no street cred, a lot of slut points, a couple buses, walking in the blazing sun, and a few bucks and you get trouble. Lots of it.

From the bus stop near Katie’s house to the thrift store, a couple honks and whistles here and there. Especially Katie’s Stanley Steemer truck honk, “Mah boys, man.” In total, we got three shirts, $12; one vintage Dooney & Bourke bag, $10; two mom jeans for shorts DIY, $4; and a pair of vintage Cole Haan loafers, $2. Pretty good for a mediocre trip eh? Then got bad karma by asking this lady in a Thai restaurant for change, probably saddest moment of the day... she was so happy she had customers, or so she thought! Sadlife. Then, walked to the bus stop and got asked by a creeper if we needed a ride. Eughhhh.

Took the bus back and transferred to another bus. RIGHT AS WE GOT OFF THE BUS, we saw the transfer bus pass us. So we had to wait another 15 minutes for another bus to come again... so we thought. Turns out, they had a break from the 2:01 bus to the 3:05 bus. Total? AN HOUR OF WAITING. IN THE GODDAMN SUN. SWEATING LIKE TWO LITTLE FAT HOGS. Then another bad karma moment came... Got these little awkward drinks called Tum-E Yummies, because I was so intrigued when I saw a little Mexican boy with it. Katie got Green Apple and I got “Sour-sational Berry”, which was so NOT sour-sational.

Finally, reached the mall. (Yay for air conditioning, safety from creepers, and mainstream shopping!) Got freaking POTATO CORNER, HOW AMAZING IS THIS SHIZ? I DON’T EVEN KNOW. Got some stuff, not really worth noting. And finally went to Sephora and experimented with makeup. Like the pics?

-Nancy and Katie

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nine Inch Nails

Oh the horror of having such long nails that it starts curling over. Anyway, today I took a mini-spree at ULTA and I just gazed at all the beautiful makeup I couldn't afford. On the bright side, I got some cuteness nail polish. Apparently it was buy $10 of OPI products, get a three set of nail polish, so I was like uber excited. I bought OPI's "Significant Other Color." It's lavender with this amazeballs green shimmer, making it almost look like a terribly wrong Granny Smith or something. When I first saw it, I was thinking it looked like mutant alien skin, and then I knew I couldn't put it down. It's not as all-up-in-your-grill as it is in the bottle, but I guess a little subtlety is good too.

Cute, isn't it? Too bad I won't be able to wear nail polish in a few weeks, because of pep. Super sad face.

- Katie

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Satiny goodness

I don't know about you, but I love me some cute shoes. And I have this weird obsession with collecting high heels even though 1) I won't wear them and 2) I can't wear them for over five minutes without writhing in agony. Regardless, I buy them. So I was looking through some online shiz, you know, the usual, and LO AND BEHOLD. The most gorgegasmic pair of platforms in the whole. entire. freaking. world. Maybe. These shoes make me so happy that I want to prance around naked. Wearing only them, of course.

Miu Mius, be mine. Even though you probably cost more than my soul.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello, our names are...

Nancy - Insanely, incredibly tan. Spends hours at the pool almost everyday and money like no one’s business. Obsession with weirdly cute inanimate objects that have no practical use in life whatsoever. Favorite animal is the platypus. Incessant thrifter and occasional cusser. Would like to be referred to as the mature half of the pair. Sporadically spazzy. Occasional overachiever. Sometimes can be obsessive compulsive, but only about weirdly unnecessary things... like math homework. Talkative to the highest degree. Enjoys using SAT words unknowingly in wrong context. Commitment-phobe. Likes to quote from movies like a little baby prostitute. Horrible memory for the important things. Great memory for the insignificant things. Will remember your name the next day, but probably not in a few months. Beauty products are an addiction. Fickle, for the most part. Likes eating any kind of food. Hates any sort of displays of affection. A weirdly awkward, pubescent girl. Interested in just about any creature that has fur on it. Names all her pets after pastries. Inconsistently boy-crazy. Enjoys baking, even when half the stuff that comes out isn’t even edible. Cannot cook for the life of her. Used to oil paint, and currently cannot find her box of paints. Yells at her phone, Sammy. Turns sixteen years of age in eleven days. Likes to sew, but stops halfway due to laziness. Loves getting cute, cheap clothes. Hates saying goodbye.

Katie - I wish I owned a unicorn to take me places. Or maybe a hot pink Vespa. I am still a baby guh at the age of nine. Plus six. I look like Edward Cullen most of the time when people take pictures with flash, not to mention I love the taste of hemoglobin. I think every person in the world should be required to watch the movie Mean Girls, because it is basically the epitome of all things great. That’s right you baby prostitutes. I like to buy really cute things for really cheap prices and then go into people’s faces and be all “YOU ARE JEALOUS. I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES.” You can find me in thrift shops screaming in awe about finding something sexy, on the side lines yelling “GO TC GO” with my little cheer outfit, backstage with my nifty headset, on stage dancing all the wrong moves, or in the orchestra doin’ mah thang with my slab of wood. But most of the time, I’m just sitting behind my computer waiting for notifications on Facebook like a sad anti-social or finishing my beautiful leaning tower of homework. So I’m basically half nerdy Asian kid, half amazeballs. I can get down to just about any music, especially documentary background music. I spend more time obsessing over my chihuahua than boys. I’m allergic to seafood, melons, eggs, and all baked goods, so I spend most of my time hoarding meat into my mouth. I broke my sewing machine trying to sew plastic... and I am yet to get a replacement. The best moments in life are when I get to meet some insane kids who love some good time bloggin’.

We are soul sisters.